Goal Update

2016 (Four Buildings Only): 42

System-Wide Baseline (2020): 51

Current (2022): 53

2030 Goal: 80


SES score is calculated based on survey responses to five key questions

Recent Successes

SHIP Ambassadors

Over the past year, we have reengaged and recruited new Sustainable Health Implementation Plan (SHIP) Ambassadors, who help promote sustainability and communicate with their peers. We now have over 60 Ambassadors committed to helping make change throughout the organization.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please visit the sustainability page on the Integrated Services page of the MHS Intranet to learn more.

Earth Month

Various activities are organized to celebrate Earth Month each April. In 2022, individuals across the organization posted about their sustainability actions on an online bulletin board tool. We have also hosted webinars with guest speakers from the community, such as City Sprouts.

Upcoming Efforts

Sustainability Ambassador Leadership Teams (SALTs)

In order to make ongoing efforts as specific and successful as possible for all locations, we will be creating Sustainability Ambassador Leadership Teams at many locations. These Teams will be responsible for leading initiatives to engage employees around sustainability. They will be provided resources from the system level and will be able to implement engagement strategies that suit the people and situation at their location. Ambassadors can join these teams and work closely with them to distribute information and to engage their peers.

Quarterly State of Sustainability Meetings

Each quarter, we will hold an hour-long meeting to share updates and information, highlight successes across locations, and plan for upcoming activities. All Methodist employees are invited to attend, with a particular emphasis on engaging with SALTs and Ambassadors.

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