Goal Update

System-Wide Baseline (2020): 45.31 gal/sq ft

Current (Q2 2023): 56.86 gal/sq ft (25% increase)

Goal (2030): 40.78 gal/sq ft (10% reduction)


Recent Successes

Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart irrigation systems have been installed at some key locations across the system, allowing for irrigation to be scheduled according to weather conditions. This helps us avoid running sprinklers while it’s raining, conserving water and energy.

Upcoming Efforts

Smart Irrigation Systems

We will continue to deploy smart irrigation technologies across locations.

Chiller Upgrades

Mechanical upgrades will include more efficient chillers, which should also result in a decrease in water needed to cool our spaces.

Native Landscaping

Exploring landscaping that incorporates native and drought-tolerant plant varieties reduces the need for irrigation and provides other environmental benefits, such as pollinator habitat and carbon sequestration.

Water Increases

Overall, MHS’s water use has increased year over year, but so too has the impacts of warmer summers that are starting earlier in the year. This has necessitated the early start of campus irrigation systems and driven up demand for building cooling, resulting in higher water demands.

Our Goals